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Free service in a year

Our company is sale product practices a year all the free protecting fixes the system, the equipment breakdown that a year inside appear will is free to maintain from my company offering, replacing the service. (the reason of individual will cancel to protect to fix)

Serve the whole life

Protect the sale service that fix the period empress to take to replace the spare parts cost free only, the rest expenses does not need to accept all.

24 hours the spot maintains

For purchase the equipments at 5 set above of customer such as at protect to fix low-spirited emergence graveness break down we will provide 24 hours the spot maintains the service (important the breakdown see the appendix).

Selling the before technique service, after selling

The free technique guide, the free spare parts tries the riveting


Break down to belong to once important break down, our request user dismantles to unload to fix by oneself not.

1.   The machine bedside department is violent to leak the oil phenomenon.

2.        Excrescent phenomenon in a swing in bedside in machine.

3.   The machine bed appears violent noise.

4.        Appear to burn the know phenomenon when rivet joint process.

5.   The machine bed body, column and head appears break.

6.   The other second party think and can list as the breakdown of the important breakdown.

  Our company reserves to the right of the important break down judgment, user shouldn’t be make false report and exaggerate the breakdown.