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Wuhan Rivet Machinery Co,.Ltd
On the top of line in China riveting machine field
Here! Rivets forming and metal joint professional solution
Technical cooperation with Europe and U.S companies
Established riveting performance testing room
Varieties of riveting machine more than 100
Elected to the achievements enterprise of China Machinery    Industry
Heavy duty riveting machine with intelligentized
Excellent quality: 2 years warranty
Wuhan university riveting machine D&R base
Ladder making machine covered variety of ladder's    manufacturing
Before choose the machine, please reading the contents and focus information by detail.
     [全新登场!]  Main introduction    
     [全新登场!]  Aluminium ladder machine     (Hot)!
Enter the following columns to choice the common riveting machine
      Division of riveting machine according to riveting principle
          The series of radial machineJM-type
The series of orbital machine (BM-type)
      Division of riveting machine according to itís structure
    Vertical riveting machine            
Desktop riveting machine
Horizontal riveting machine
Console model riveting machine
Hanging riveting machine
Cantilever riveting machine
     Division of riveting machine according to pressure supply
Hydraulic riveting machine     
 Pneumatic riveting machine
      All machines can equipped with touch screen and PLC system
New products
     CNC riveting machine
         with the  X,Y,Z direction control program
  Torque converter riveting machine
      Based on NC control with multi-position process
Self-piercing riveting machine
Bosway piercing riveting machine
Heavyduty riveting machine(Intelligentized hub bearing uint riveting machine)
        Hub bearing unit riveting machine
Multi-function riveting machine
        Can punchpressrivetingrolling rivetingpress letterblending、shearing
Press machine
        Hydraulic or pneumatic as optional
Rivetless riveting machine(Joint metal sheet layers without rivets)  
        This process can replace welding machine
  Travelling riveting machineC-gunhang machine
Truck chassis and bridge frame riveting machine
    Multi-head riveting machine
Multi-head process with automatic feeding device
    Double head horizontal riveting machineDouble end riveting machine
Introduction of double head horizontal riveting machine
   Single head horizontal riveting machine
Brake shoe and lining riveting machine
   Auto-feeding riveting machine
  Application of hollow or semi-hollow rivets
Rolling riveter rolling pressrolling edge
        Hydraulic or pneumatic as optional
Aluminium ladder making machine
ladder rung open and flanging
     [全新登场!] Accessories  
         Non-standard accessories products  
     [全新登场!] Customized machines  
         Variety of customized machine
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