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Question:What's different of riveting machine technology and punching machine technology?

    Answer. The punch press technology belong to the strong dint to transform in a twinkling, general parts easy creation bad form change, such as beat thick, curve, and the internal stress, the riveting technology is then the gentle force to transform, internal creation of metals with loading slice toward direction of metal flow, transform good, have no internal stress. the riveting force just only 1/10 of the punch.


Question: Does riveting technology mature

    AnswerIn some countries the 70's beginning to big scale usage the riveting technology, but China to application it more late ,but the riveting technology is mature. A lot of local enterprise usually of marveling the imported product to process the quality goodly but don't know the" riveting machine". As long as own this kind of new equipments, we can manufacturing the qualified products.


QuestionCan it brief the principle of the riveting machine?

Answer:The riveting process different from punching machine, its molding tool gets in touch with the work piece each time only point, make it transform under the smaller pressure, then through the swing and will transform the point to expand to whole transform the cross section, thus complete whole surface transforming.


Question Riveting machine can protect the electroplate layer? and can it also pressing mark or trademark etc?


 AnswerAbsolutely, the radial riveting machine can protect the plate layer well. As for pressing the mark or trademark that any riveting machine equiped with simple rotary restrict device can carry on such jobs.



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